Consultation into Amendments to the Adverse Possession Provision in the Lands Act (s. 36)


Newfoundland and Labrador’s Crown lands are administered under the Lands Act and allocated as a public trust. The Provincial Government manages this valuable resource in a responsible manner for the continuous social and economic benefit of the province’s residents for present and future generations. 

Under the Lands Act, all land within Newfoundland and Labrador is deemed to be “Crown lands”, except lands that have lawfully been set apart or alienated from the Crown, including lands for which the Crown has issued a lease, licence or grant. 

Permanent settlement of Newfoundland and Labrador existed prior to the establishment of a system of government and land registry. Long-term use and occupation, or squatting, has become a common way for people to assert claims to land.

In 1976, the law concerning Crown lands in the province changed in two significant ways:

  1. Squatters Rights of Crown Lands (Adverse Possession) was abolished. Since 1977, it has been illegal to “squat” against the Crown.
  2. The period of time required to be considered to claim an interest in lands was changed from 60 years to 20 years.  To acquire an interest in Crown lands, a person had to openly, notoriously, continuously and exclusively occupy lands for the 20 year period immediately prior to January 1, 1977, and have used those lands for agricultural, business or residential purposes during that time.

In 1976, these changes were seen as revolutionary and a required step to improve land administration in the province.  In 2015, the Department undertook a review of Lands Act. One of the specific focuses was to assess the provisions of section 36 to determine whether changes should be made regarding Adverse Possession.  The final report recommended that the Province maintain the position that Adverse Possession against the Crown was abolished after December 31, 1976, and that only those who met the existing requirements be permitted to have their claim recognized. In addition, the report supported the Crown being able to quit its claim to lands where the Crown is satisfied that someone may have acquired an interest in those lands. 

The Registry of Deeds Act, 2009 governs the registration of deeds and related documentation in the province. However, there is no legislative requirement for deeds to be registered in Newfoundland and Labrador, nor is there a title system as exists in most jurisdictions. Administering Crown lands based on possession is challenging; and as time goes on, it becomes increasingly more difficult.  


The Provincial Government is considering three changes to the Lands Act to clarify the abolishment of Adverse Possession against the Crown and protect the land interests of the people of the province. 

The changes being considered include:

  • Changing the possessory period from the current 20 continuous years immediately prior to January 1, 1977, to 10 continuous years immediately prior to January 1, 1977.  No other period of possession would count in acquiring an interest in Crown lands;
  • Setting a definitive time period within which persons making claims to Crown lands based on Adverse Possession have to make those claims; and
  • Allowing the Crown to issue a document that does not grant title or transfer any interest, but instead declares the Crown claims no interest where the conditions of  Adverse Possession have been met.

The Provincial Government is seeking public and stakeholder input regarding these changes.

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