Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (CCFM) - Help Us Renew Canada's Forest Vision

Renewing a Vision for Canada’s Forests to Reflect Today’s Values and Aspirations

Canada’s forests are world renowned for their vastness and majestic beauty. Canadians can be proud of our sustainably managed forests and the community building benefits they provide here and abroad. How do we ensure this legacy is carried forward in the future?  It starts with having a common vision to point the way.

Through ongoing pan-Canadian engagement activities, the Vision Renewal Task Team is confirming this renewed approach with the public and stakeholders.  Adjustments will be made to the 2018 Vision as required based on feedback received.

We Want to Hear From You

Minister Gerry Byrne and Deputy Minister Lori Anne Companion are members of the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (CCFM) and as a part of participation in this council, members have been requested to engage citizens in their respective jurisdictions on renewing a vision for Canada’s Forest.

Our forests need a renewed vision for the next decade and beyond.  Because you live, work, play, thrive and reflect in our forest ecosystems, we want to hear your thoughts regarding some critical questions.

Please click here to visit the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers website and share your thoughts by filling out the online questionnaire.

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If you have any questions or additional comments, please contact Eric Young email via or call (709) 637-2350.