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Pre-Budget 2018 General Public Questionnaire

Our Government has been clear that we have a spending problem and have not seen a sufficient improvement in health, social and economic outcomes for the historic spending levels across program areas in our province.

We will continue to take a balanced approach to managing the province’s fiscal resources and delivering programs and services in a more efficient way.

Budget 2018 will be an important step in building for our future.

Our work to date has positioned our province for success and to realize our potential. We have delivered on our commitments to strong fiscal management building on the principles outlined in The Way Forward. Among them:

  • Implementing a more efficient and balanced management structure in core government and a more modern and effective public service.
  • Consolidating government marketing and engineering functions.
  • Reducing government’s building footprint by almost 60,000 square feet.
  • Using public-private partnerships to build, own and maintain health facilities.

These actions will help us realize our long-term potential and support a fair and balanced approach to returning our province to fiscal balance.

As stakeholders and members of the public, you are asked to offer your ideas and insights on how government can reduce spending to help return the province to a place of fiscal stability.

Question 1:


Submissions are closed.