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The Big Reset Follow-Up - Input from Stakeholders


Thank you for your interest in providing feedback on the Premier’s Economic Recovery Team (PERT) Report titled “The Big Reset”. This feedback form is part of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s public consultation process on the PERT Report.

This feedback form has been designed to obtain feedback from stakeholders on the PERT Report. There are several ways that stakeholders can engage in the consultation process including this feedback form which also provides an opportunity to submit documents for consideration. There will also be a series of virtual stakeholder sessions later in the consultation process where you will have an opportunity to discuss the report – you will be able to indicate your interest in these stakeholder sessions at the end of this feedback form.

At the end of the feedback form you will be given an opportunity to provide supporting documentation, statements or videos to submit to government. Please ensure the attached document does not contain any unnecessary personal information and that you are uploading the intended document.

The following file formats can be uploaded (max file size 2MB):

Images: .gif/.jpg,

Documents: .pdf/.doc/.docx/.ppt/.pptx,

Media: .avi

Quick Summary of the PERT Report

The PERT report identified four key areas of strategic focus and action; these include:

  1. Government and governance – improving accountability and transparency in decision-making, including for Crown corporations;
  2. Developing industry and transitioning to a green economy - building a greener, technologically advanced economy;
  3. Refocusing the social compact; and
  4. Implementing a solid fiscal plan.

Within those four key areas, the PERT report identifies 78 recommendations for the government to consider.

Representatives from stakeholder groups can provide feedback from their stakeholder group in this form, however, if you have additional feedback from your own personal point of view then please use the general public survey and/or discussion sessions to provide your personal feedback. The public survey can be found here.  

A note on confidentiality: Stakeholder feedback provided in the following form will be considered confidential. Form responses will be presented in aggregate form. Information will not be released in a manner that could be used to disclose your identity or violate your privacy unless permission is granted.

You will be asked if you would like to make all or part of your feedback public at the end of this form.

This feedback form should take approximately 30 minutes to complete. You will have the option at the end of each page to save a draft of your submissions. 

Submissions are closed.